Welcome Mr. Marks


By: Maxwell Gruver
Staff Writer

Blessed Trinity’s new principal, Mr. Brian Marks, was a middle school teacher in New York before he became an administrator. He taught social sciences up north, and decided to get his master’s in education administration. “We did history, geography, economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and then I also taught a couple of sections of English,” said Mr. Marks.

After getting his master’s, he moved down south. He was a part of the business world for a couple of years, and then used his degree to become BT’s assistant principal in 2001. “I loved the business world as far as communication with other adults, the finance. I loved all of that, but I always had a passion to coach and teach,” said Mr. Marks on why he wanted to become an administrator, “When I got a coaching opportunity, I kind of dabbled in that and said ‘okay now I want to get into education.’ I would love a combination of the corporate world and educating, working with young people with making good decisions, and it hit me that school administration would be the best of both worlds.”

“I promised myself that I would be involved as an administrator, so I told Mr. Moore that I wanted to coach and not just be an administrator so that I could get involved with the students.” Mr. Moore was the first principal in Blessed Trinity history.

Mr. Marks has a love for sports, and in high school he played basketball and baseball. “I was the captain of my high school basketball team. I played basketball and baseball all four years,” said Mr. Marks. He was a guard in basketball, and he was a pitcher in baseball. “I haven’t thought about it really thoroughly,” Mr. Marks said about helping coach basketball again, “Obviously it is a big job being the principal of Blessed Trinity. I feel great with one of my former players and assistant coaches in Coach Hughes taking over for me. I feel he is doing a great job with the program, and it is in a great place. If I got settled in, I would never say never. If I feel like in a few years that I can help in some way, and, of course, if coach wanted me to help, I would love to be on his staff.”

If Mr. Marks could have dinner with any three people in the world, dead or alive, he would eat with his parents, Pope John Paul II, and Mother Theresa. He would eat with these people because of the wisdom that they could impart on him.

Mr. Marks wants BT students to know that he is here for them, and that he is a principal who loves school, young people their age, and wants school to not just be the platform for college and a great degree but also help generate memories. “I’m a strong communicator, and I’m open to listening to their ideas,” Mr. Marks said, “I want them to feel like walking into the doors at Blessed Trinity every day is great, and I want to make it a great experience for them.”