Warming Up for Fall Sports: Friday Night Lights

Written by Vira H., Staff Writer

With the beginning of the new school year comes the beginning of another fall sports season. From the Friday night lights of football, to the home run celebrations of softball, high-flying stunts of cheerleading, speedy spikes of volleyball, and tough terrain of cross country courses, the five fall sports of Blessed Trinity all consist of various defining traits; these traits have drawn the select group of passionate players on each team.  This is the first installment of the fall sports spotlight.

The 2013 Titan football team has a large group of core seniors and the team is expecting big things for this season. “I am most looking forward to creating life-lasting memories with my teammates. That is what high school football is all about,” said senior QB/S Chris Keegan. “We have been through everything together, and we have each other’s backs no matter the circumstance. As far as the season goes, I cannot wait to get our chance for revenge on St. Pius on November 1.”

When the Titan fans file into the stands and the lights come on, the feeling on the field is indescribable to most players and coaches. “I love everything there is about football,” said senior LB/RB Carter McManes. “What I love most is being on the field with ten of my brothers in the middle of the game who have worked hard, they are tired, but we all have one common goal which is to win. Being together like that is a feeling that cannot be replaced or matched once experienced.”

“I am very excited for this season,” said head football coach Tim McFarlin. “We have a young team while the team has progressed we still have far we have to go, but experience only comes with time. And seventeen of twenty-two positions have never started varsity before. After losing several senior starters last season, this year’s football team has big shoes to fill, but the Titans are ready. “The difference with this season is that we are a closer team on and off the field than ever before. Out on the field we have more fun and enjoy playing next to each other more than I have ever seen a team. This is going to help takes us to where we were last year and beyond,” McManes said.

Throughout the summer, the team has been attending brutal workouts to prepare for the season. These workouts have tested the mental and physical breaking points of the players, but as a result, the team is pumped and ready to go for Friday nights. “As seniors, it is our goal to be remembered as a team that flew around the field like mad men,” said Keegan. “Although we have to fill 17 starting positions from last year, it is our goal to prove that this is not a rebuilding year; rather, the expectation is to go out and win every football game with confidence.”Come out and support your Titans!