The Magic Behind the Gala

auctionEach year, the BT community donates a variety of items from gift baskets to sports memorabilia and competes in the live auction for the main fundraising event in spring: the annual Auction Gala.

BT’s Auction Gala is the largest fundraising event which greatly benefits and improves the school. The Gala’s main focus is financial for the school, but its unique annual themes make it an entertaining and memorable event for all those who attend. “Our main goal of the night, and the reason so many volunteers are willing to dedicate their time to the event, isn’t just a fun evening, it is to raise money for Blessed Trinity,” said co-chair Mrs. Tricia Navarro. “We hope to raise over $100,000 for Blessed Trinity. These funds will be used for contributions to the Annual Fund, which help keep tuition low and fund special projects that can’t be covered with tuition.”

This year’s Auction Gala theme is Twilight in Tuscany and all of the planning and organization covered by the numerous gala committees has been underway for awhile.

Without the incessant work by the Gala committees, the event wouldn’t be nearly as successful. The committee members put in large amounts of time, talent, and effort to ensure that the Auction Gala will be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. “We have over 135 volunteers on the Auction Gala committee who help pull the event together. Some of these great volunteers no longer have students at Blessed Trinity but they are still supporting the school and the students,” said Mrs. Navarro. “The Development Office is the glue that holds all of this together. Liz McFarland provides the day-to-day leadership, organization, and knowledge of prior years that really help us stay on target with the Auction Gala.”

These various committees “divide and conquer” to make sure the Gala is organized to search for new and interesting items to bid on during the Live Auction or the Silent Auction. The Gala gives the attendees the opportunity to contribute to the school as well as bid on unique items ranging from game tickets to autographs.

Some of the items that have the biggest impact on the school are vacation homes and two “auction puppies” that capture the hearts of the bidders. “One of the most memorable items donated was a helicopter ride,” said BT Assistant Development Director Liz McFarland.“We auctioned it off during the Live Auction, and the winners took off immediately after the auction from the main stadium. They were given a very unique 45-minute, nighttime helicopter ride over the city of Atlanta. It was pretty cool!”

Since the start of the school year, the annual Auction Gala committees have been working to make improvements and make this year’s Gala the most successful. “The event itself is just an amazing night,” said co-chair Donna Ortiz. ”The BT family gets together in fellowship and fun for a wonderful and memorable event. But, even with as much work that it takes to pull the event off the entire process is an unforgettable experience,” said Mrs. Ortiz.  

To order tickets, visit the Auction Gala’s website.