Summer Scholarship Snapshots

Scholarship Series By Julia K., Caroline L., and Abigail C.

Every year Blessed Trinity students participate in various summer arts programs. Artists can apply for school-sponsored scholarships to fulfill their summer dreams. This past summer nine BT students received three hundred dollar scholarships to help pay for their summer opportunities. “The fine arts faculty look at which students are enrolled in the different art disciplines and what they will bring back to the Blessed Trinity arts program based upon their summer study request,” said Sharon Mueller, BT’s Fine Arts Department chair. “We look at how it will impact other students in the fine arts community as well as what the individual student will gain from the experience. This is such an awesome opportunity that the FAA offers to our students.”

Sophomore Luke Donovan attended the one-week Georgia Tech CEISMC (camp for architecture), where he learned about the basics of architectural design and planning. He gained a lot of experience while realizing that there is much more to architecture than just drawing lines. Luke learned to appreciate architecture more during this camp. “Once we started talking about how the building interacts with the space around it, I realized that architecture isn’t just about drawing some lines on a piece of paper. I love my art a lot more because I really understand how much work is put into architecture, even in designing a simple building,” said Luke. “ The highlight of the camp was when I finally finished designing the house I had been working on, and got to see it pinned up on the wall at the end of the week.”

Junior Samantha Smith attended a camp at Columbia University in New York for journalism. She gained knowledge about digital media to use as the senior student editor of the Blessed Trinity online news website, Trinity Press.  “I was inspired by the fact that you’re in a classroom of about twenty students and advisors, and of the twenty, six were from Turkey,” she said. “Their passion for writing and reporting was inspiring in the fact that it made you gain an appreciation for how recognized the Columbia program was and for the global world we live in.”

Sam was also able to participate in an interview of the cast members of a Broadway show, The Newsies. Overall it was a beneficial experience, said Sam who would attend the program again because technology is constantly changing, and it would give her new experience of where online journalism is headed in the future.

Sophomore Madison Karg attended Kennesaw State University’s Acting Summer Intensive, which was completely covered by the summer study scholarship. While she was there, Madison learned different methods on how to project her voice,  how to effectively memorize lines in under a week, how to stage fight, and how to address a large crowd in a way that everyone could see her. One experience that stood out to her was when she was cast as Hermia, from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. “I was the mouse of the group, but I was given the role of Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, who attempts to attack her friend Helena for “stealing” her suitor. Our captain said that her mouse had roared. I cried so much that I had to fix my makeup three times, but it has boosted my confidence so much that I still feel confident speaking up.” She also learned through this experience to appreciate acting even more and grow as an actress. “It made my love of art even greater than it used to be,” she said.  “No one at camp had ever met each other prior to the orientation day, but by Friday everyone was working together so wonderfully that it gave me an appreciation for how strangers can come together just because of their love of art and make something beautiful just for the sake of art!”