Summer Scholarship Snapshots (conti.)

Scholarship series By Julia K., Caroline L., and Abigail C.

Senior Kenna McCoy attended the Washington School of Ballet’s Summer Intensive in Washington, DC. Although she auditioned for many other intensives, including the very selective Ballet West and Boston Ballet, she chose to attend the Washington School of Ballet’s intensive because she heard how intense and helpful it was, and because she wishes to dance with them as a professional in the future. At the intensive, she danced for a crazy nine hours a day, from nine in the morning until six at night, Monday through Saturday, which helped her understand the reality of a professional career. She appreciated the difficulty of the program and how much it helped her grow as a dancer. “I enjoyed the intense training of the program. The teachers pushed us beyond our limit and helped us improve so much. Ballet is my passion, and it was an experience of a lifetime,” said Kenna. She believes her experience was enhanced by motivation of her peers. “All of the dancers were amazing. I loved watching all the beautiful ballerinas around me. I learned so much through watching my peers,” Kenna said.

Senior Alison Swoish attended the Adrenaline National Dance Convention and Competition in Las Vegas, Nevada. She took classes from many talented choreographers, including Justin Giles. He owns a very well-known dance company, which she aspires to dance with during her professional career. She was also able to watch his company perform. “His company is very prestigious in the dance world and to be able to witness the beauty in their movement was a dream,” Alison said. She felt her experience helped her grow as a dancer. “Every and any time I am able to go across the country to perform and take class from renowned choreographers, my dancing improves immensely,” said Alison. “My love and passion for the art also grows and motivates me to work harder during my yearly training at Rhythm Dance Center.”

Sophomore Stephanie Cornejo attended the Georgia Ballet’s Summer Intensives, where she has danced year ’round for the past nine years. At the camp, she felt the teachers gave her very helpful corrections and improved her classical technique. “Looking at me dancing now, I can see how I’ve improved,” she said. “ I’ve become stronger as a dancer, and I can get better so I can eventually do more things with dance.” Stephanie wants to continue dancing through college, and she feels this program really prepared her for her future.

If you are interested in applying for a summer study scholarship, you can pick up an application form from the Fine Arts Department. “This is a fantastic opportunity that the FAA offers for BT students to take advantage of, and the students who attended these programs are incredibly thankful that they went and say they have made some lifelong friends and memories,” said FAA president Mrs. Kelly McCoy. The application includes: an essay explaining why the applicant has chosen this summer program; confirmation of good citizenship signed by the grade level assistant principal; listing of academic fine arts courses taken at BT and future coursework; listing ways the applicant has contributed to the Fine Arts department while a BT student; an overview of the program the student is planning to attend; volunteer hours devoted to fine arts, and fine arts involvement outside of BT.

“I had so much fun at this program and I learned a lot. I am so grateful to the summer scholarship program for supporting my journey,” said Alison Swoish.