Summer Scholarship Recipients for Summer 2016

2016FAAScholarThe Blessed Trinity Fine Arts Association allocates annual funds to be awarded for summer scholarships to students who pursue their fine arts education beyond the BT classroom and summer camp experiences.  Students are required to complete an extensive application and meet the elements of the following criteria:

  • Confirmation of good citizenship
  • Submit list of academic fine arts courses taken at BT and future coursework
  • Submit a list of the ways they have contributed to the arts (fine arts performances, visual arts shows, productions while a student at BT)
  • Submit list of fine arts events, courses and opportunities they participated that are not BT-sponsored activities
  • Submit list of volunteer service to fine arts
  • Submit official documentation from the program sponsors indicating:
  • Name of the program/event, location, date/time involvement, cost and description of activities
  • Submit SUMMARY of request and why they have chosen this particular program, how they will benefit by participating, how their experience will be shared with the BT Fine Arts Program with focus on how they will apply this experience to future goals and aspirations and college plans after graduation.

The pool of applications is reviewed by Mrs. Susan Dorner, BT assistant principal, and  Mrs. Sharon Mueller, Fine Arts Department Chair.

Fine Arts association President, Christine McGinnis, congratulates this year’s recipients who each earned $300 toward their summer enrichment:

Leo Guthrie 9th – Pre-College Piano Sewanee Summer Music Fest

Rose Sebaugh 10th  – Atlanta Academy of Ballet Dance Summer Intensive

Abby Connolly 10th – The Art Institute of Atlanta Summer Studio

Natalie Weis 9th – American Ballet Theatre

Katie Buzzard 10th – The Dance Awards in Orlando

Lili Seeterlin 9th – Steppin Out Performance  Dance Workshop

Kenna Bouknight 11th  – American Academy of Vocal Arts Private Voice Lessons