Study Time Care Package

As we hit crunch time, the Trinity would like to help each BT Titan to take a deep breathe and relax. Although we do not condone last-minute cramming and we fully support studying throughout the entire semester, we also recognize that the night before exams are stressful and demanding. So to help you survive the night before that one exam you have dreaded all semester, we have selected a few helpful sources to aid you in your survival. Good Luck!

1. First and foremost if the most obvious of all: check Moodle and use the materials given by your teacher.

2. If you haven’t been on AP Central yet, where have you been? Allow us to pull you back to reality

3. John Green’s Crash Course Channel on Youtube (the name is self explanatory)

for example video:


4. Youtube in general. Seriously, type in a subject and review, and prepare to be amazed. (89 videos for anything in chemistry you will ever need to know)

5. make a timeline

6. Need extra lessons?

7. And in case you need a morale booster because we all know you reach a point and you just want to forfeit: