St. George Village Residents Enjoy Homecoming Fashion Show

This past weekend, the annual Blessed Trinity fashion show was held at St. George Village, the retirement home that shares the campus with BT, Queen of Angels, and St. Peter Chanel. This tradition first started in the spring of 2012 after the prom, when seniors and junior girls showed off their tasteful dresses to the senior citizens. It has continued after every homecoming and every prom since then, making this the fourth anuual fashion show.

Caitlin Dophiete, a senior at BT, is especially enthusiastic about hearing anecdotes from the senior citizens. “My favorite part is definitely talking to the residents! I love hearing the stories that they have to tell and they’re always super sweet,” she said. Caitlin has experience with these shows, having also participated in the prom fashion show last spring.

BT Campus Ministry Coordinator Patti McCarthy agrees that the residents are just as excited to share their stories with the students. “I think it brings back memories for them. They talk about what they wore and how they remember their experience. They love to see our students talk to them and it makes them feel good,” she said. This event provides an excellent opportunity for the senior citizens to relive their own high school days and trade exciting stories of their prom and homecoming adventures years ago. It’s also a great chance for the students to reuse their prom dresses, some of which can be very pricey and not suitable to wear anywhere else. Over the course of just a few hours, the seniors and students can form a close bond.

The girls sometimes steal the show with their dazzling dresses, but they always need the help of their male counterparts to pull it off. This time, there were more escorts than ever before, including freshman Enrique Pujals, freshman Tom Wellington, junior Alex Morley, and junior Adam Nohl. The experience is just as valuable to them as it is to the girls. “My favorite part was seeing the residents’ faces light up. I knew it brought back nice memories for them,” said Adam Nohl.

The show is so rewarding that many previous participants returned from last year to do it again. Several girls this year, including Alexandra Case and Caitlin Dophiete, were repeats from the 2013 prom show this past April. Some new participants included senior Jennifer O’Connell, and junior Lauren Prunkl.

The experience is certainly fun, but it is also a rewarding form of service unlike any other. “What I think is so wonderful is that they were willing to take the time to do this. It really is entertaining to the residents,” said Mrs. McCarthy.