“ReSurfacing” Alumni Show Their Artistic Talents

alumshow7Every winter the Blessed Trinity community welcomes home alumni who had been a part of the BT dance programs for the Alumni Dance Show. This year, these talented alumni were joined by fellow alumni artist whose talents lie in the visual arts. All were given the opportunity to showcase their growth and share their continued passion for the Fine Arts since graduating from BT.

Dance alumni Allison Swoish ‘14 and Kenna McCoy  ‘14 performed solos during the January  concert and lent a hand in choreographing pieces performed by the school’s current dance company while seventeen visual artists alumni shared their works in “ReSurfacing,” the first Alumni Art Show.  The  alumni art exhibit had a  wide variety of art  mediums displayed from metal work, wood sculpture, woven fiber works, printed garments, oil and acrylic paintings, digital and graphic works, photography and drawings. The alumni themselves are also in a wide spectrum of careers, some in the arts and fields outside the arts, many reside in different states around the country,  and a few are still in school while some are settling into family life.

 Alumni Exhibiting Artist: Special thanks to Raven Brown & Maddie Carpenter for their assistance with this exhibit. 

Claire Schietinger ‘ 08, Brittany Stevens Rowland ‘ 04, Megan Connolly  ‘ 12, Lacey Longino ‘ 09, Jesse Yaun’ 09, Elizabeth Lybrook ‘11, Charlotte Hodges ‘12,  Madeline Carpenter ‘12, Adrian Hanson ‘14, Dominique Castelli ‘14, Haley Mueller ‘14, Ali Powell Barden’ 07, Raven Brown  ‘12, Michael Walters ‘15 and Caroline Malak ‘13.

Short Dance Bios:

Ali Swoish is an Honors Deans List sophomore studying Applied Psychology at New York University. She is active in the NY dance community as a member and choreographer for the NYU Dance Project. She also serves on the Executive Board which helps plan the fall and spring shows held on campus at the Kimmel Center for University life. Ali is also a member of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority where she choreographed the sorority’s 2015 Greek Week skit.

Kenna McCoy is majoring  in both Dance and Political Science at Southern Methodist University training four  hours daily in technique with 4-6 hours of rehearsal nightly  in ballet, jazz, and Graham Modern. She has been cast in every SMU Meadows School of the Arts Dance performance since she began attending the school, and she has worked with many famous dancers and choreographers such as John Selya, Wendy Whelan, and Robert Dekkers. Kenna also uses dance to impact her community. This year she began teaching dance to refugees from the Middle East and Asia who now live in the Dallas area. She also organized SMU Dance Division’s mission trip to Panama happening over spring break; during this trip the dancers will teach dance in the poor orphanages of Panama. Kenna is interning for MindLeaps, a company that works on bringing the fine arts to schools in Africa. She also volunteers with the Allstar Program, which brings the fine arts to the inner city of Dallas, and Jesters, which brings dance to kids with special needs. Kenna wants to pursue a professional contemporary ballet career and would love to teach dance and political science when her dancing career is over.


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