Picture Perfection

A nighttime shot of a Ferris wheel. A candid of a laughing baby. A long-exposure shot of a sparkler. Photographs can express so much with just a simple image, and nobody knows this better than the members of BT’s Photo Club. This year, there are approximately twenty-two members in the club, a substantial amount compared to past years’ turnout. This is the ninth year of Photo Club’s existence, and it is still going as strong as ever.

Ms. Susan Conway, photography teacher at BT and sponsor of the club, offers both Photography as Art and Digital Photography as elective options to students interested in the art of capturing moments. However, there is no prerequisite to join the club. “Everyone is welcome to join,” said Ms. Conway. “This is an opportunity for people to share their work.”

One of the most remarkable things about the club is its sense of spirit and togetherness. Senior Alison Cowart, co-president of the club, particularly loves the team atmosphere that it provides. “I enjoy sharing photographs that represent important things in my life and just being surrounded with amazing people. Photo Club is like a big happy family!”

Photo Club will be teaming up with Adventure Club (also sponsored by Ms. Conway, as well as BT foreign language teacher Ms. Karen Masters) in March to go on a camping trip on Blackbeard Island next year. Photo Club will surely do a great job to chronicle the event off the coast of Georgia.

Amanda Loudon, a senior who is a new member of the club this year, has not only a liking but a passion for photography. “I’ve always loved the beauty you can capture in a photograph, so I wanted to spend time talking about what others see in pictures, too! Each photo is unique and different,” she said.

Each month, the club decides upon a different theme that all of their pictures will reflect. For instance, the theme for October was Mask.  “This could be Halloween related, but could also be interpreted differently,” said Ms. Conway. For instance, the club members could use cheerful masks instead of creepy stereotypical ones.

This club is especially tailored to anyone who has taken Photography as Art, a class open to any BT student. “I would recommend it to anyone who is inspired by Photography as Art,” said Amanda. Beth Edwards, another senior, said, “I joined Photography Club because I am in Digital Photography and like it. I would recommend it because the club is really fun and the people are great. We take pictures and critique.”

Another upside to taking either of the two photography classes is that they are the prerequisites to be on the yearbook staff.  Alison, who is also a member of the yearbook staff, has used Photo Club experience to help her take better yearbook pictures. “It’s fun, a great way to meet people, and you can learn about photography.” The club encompasses all four grades, so that freshmen can learn from upperclassmen and maybe even teach the juniors or seniors a thing or two. “I like the perspectives each individual brings when presenting their photographs,” said Amanda.

It’s not too late to sign up for photo club! After nine years, the club is only growing stronger with time. Ms. Conway welcomes all motivated and fun-loving BT students. “Even if you don’t take a photography class, you’re welcome to join Photo Club.”