Muddy Music Midtown

Where can you stand in a pit of mud, listen to your favorite bands, and watch some very interesting people? There is no place better than Music Midtown, one of Atlanta’s largest music festivals. Begun in 1994 (with a hiatus between 2005 – 2010), Atlanta has hosted this festival, gathering crowds from all over the state to hear popular bands, like Coldplay, Pearl Jam, The Black Keys, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

This year’s festival was a two-day event with three different stages spread throughout Piedmont Park in, yep you guessed it, the Midtown area of Atlanta. Throughout the two days, over 100,000 people filled the 189-acre park. Many BT students, like juniors Ellen Hardin and Natalie Mies, attended some of the festival. Going to Music Midtown has always been on my bucket list, and this year my wish finally came true.

Ellen and Natalie attended both days of Music Midtown. On the second day, it rained, turning the park into a muddy mess, and they both felt this actually enhanced their experience.

“It rained the entire day, and it got really muddy. A lot of people went mud diving and were brown from head to toe,” Ellen said. “They were going around giving people hugs, and it was just crazy!”

Of the bands I heard at Music Midtown, I had not previously listened to most of their music. Imagine Dragons was one of the few bands I had heard before, but their performance was disappointing. The band did not have much energy or interaction with the audience.They sang, played their instruments, and left.  However, they did play some of their more popular songs (the only ones I knew), but not until the end, and by then, most of the crowd had lost their energy and enthusiasm for the show.

Natalie , who is a big fan of Imagine Dragons, had a different experience of their show. “Seeing Imagine Dragons was my favorite part of Music Midtown. I had a really great view, and I know every word to every song,” she said.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, the headliners of the festival, put on a great show. They had lots of energy throughout the whole performance, especially for being in their fifties, and played a mixture of their new and older music. Since I know some of their more recent songs, I was kept entertained. They also had guitar and drum solos while they took their breaks which were interesting to watch.

Ellen, who also does not really listen to RHCP, felt that they were among her favorites of the bands she heard. “Even though I do not usually listen to them that much, I really liked the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They put on an awesome and entertaining show!” she said.

Neither Ellen nor Natalie enjoyed Jane’s Addiction, who played on the first night of the festival. They both felt that the music was more metal than what they like. Natalie watched the show from a distance and felt that they were just too weird for her taste. “They had girls hanging from harnesses,” she said, “and all of the [male] band members were shirtless. It was just strange.”

Other bands that played included Queens of the Stone Age, Cake, Kendrick Lamar, and Journey.

From standing in a mud pit to listening to many different live artists, Music Midtown was a great experience. If I had the chance to go again, I know that I would, and Ellen feels the same way.“Music Midtown was different than any other concert I have been to because I was able to hear so many of my favorite bands live and I also got to hang out with some of my best friends.” she said. “I would love to go again next year!”