Michael Sullivan Makes Eagle Scout

By: Max Gruver
Staff Writer

It is hard to become an Eagle Scout. It takes many long years of hard-work and dedication. Once achieved, a scout has finished his journey as a scout but still has much more to do.

Michael Sullivan is a senior at Blessed Trinity Catholic High School, and recently has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Michael has been a scout for 11 years, starting in 1st grade. “I had to complete an Eagle Scout project, earn merit badges, and demonstrate leadership by serving as a leader in my community,” said Michael.

For Michael’s Eagle Scout project, he created a four-element challenge course. He faced many challenges. “The hardest part was acquiring all of the necessary materials and turning those materials into a project,” said Michael. He got by that challenge “through persistence and the aid of my friends and family.”

Michael has learned a lot from Eagle Scouts. Over his time, he has grown as a man. “I’ve become a better, stronger man, and I am confident in my ability to conquer anything,” said Michael, “I’ve learned outdoor skills, leadership, and communication skills.” The most valuable thing that Michael learned from Eagle Scouts is leadership. “I learned how to be a leader and how to communicate with others as an effective member of society,” said Michael

According to the National Eagle Scout Association, only five percent of scouts ever reach eagle. “The hardest part was definitely staying faithful to the Scouting program. Scouting has had some very rough patches, many of which almost caused me to quit,” said Michael, “when I saw young men becoming leaders, I knew that I needed to continue with this program. It takes persistence, commitment, and people who can support you along the way.”

After completing 456 hours of work blazing nature trails, building a climbing wall, and building three ropes courses, Michael achieved his goal of Eagle Scout. Michael needs to use what he learned as a scout and apply it to the rest of his life’s journey. “Now, that I am at the top of Eagle mountain, I realize that my journey isn’t over. Ahead lies an entire mountain range, stretching for mile upon mile. These mountains are the path of my life that remains for me to conquer, the trail that I will have to toil long and hard to finish. It is my joy to toil up these mountains as I lead and serve others.”