Meet Our Chaplin

Fr. Reto Davatz, Blessed Trinity’s chaplain, was born in Switzerland. At the age of two, his family moved to Montreal, Canada, where he grew up and attended school. Before he became a priest, Fr. Reto was a perpetual student and worked as a tour guide at a large Catholic shrine.

The calling to become a priest was soon after, “the motivation came from somewhere outside myself.” It wasn’t a motivation that he necessarily fostered. “It is one that found me,” he said, “ and then I had to meet it.” Fr. Reto stated that it was a call from God that he fell in love with- the calling to the vocation of priesthood.

He then joined the Franciscan order, a religious community of men, that was founded in 1209 by St. Francis Assisi. “We take the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience,” said Fr. Reto. They reach out to the marginalized and work as missionaries. “First and foremost we are a fraternity striving to live in perfect charity,” he said.

Father Reto decided to join the Franciscans due to another call from God. He describes these calls as, “God incidences- coincidences only understood through God’s work.”

His duties as a priest include making the sacraments available to the faithful and bringing pastoral care wherever the need should arrive.

However, he also expressed interest in working for a school as a teacher. “When my religious superior was made aware of an opening for chaplain here at the school, he recommended me to the Archbishop of Atlanta,” said Fr. Reto.

A typical day for Fr. Reto involves walking around the school, going to classrooms, and sitting in for families. He also attends sports events and supports students in their extracurriculars. His favorite part of being chaplain for BT is being able to get to know individual students and connect with them.

BT is blessed to have Fr. Reto as a chaplain due to his love for priesthood and love for the students. “My greatest joy for me as a priest is seeing people reconcile with God throughout the sacrament of reconciliation,” he said.