Meet Mr. Parker

Trinity Press: How many years have you been teaching at BT?
Mr. Parker: This is my first school year teaching at Blessed Trinity.
TP: What subject do you teach?
MP: I teach 9th grade FOGG (foundations of geography and government) and 10th grade world history .
TP: Do you coach any sports?
MP: I am the head Boys Lacrosse coach.
TP: Did you play lacrosse in college? Where?
MP: Yes, I played at Suffolk Community College in New York and then continued at Young Harris College here in Georgia.
TP: Where did you go to high school?
MP: Longwood High School on Long Island in New York.
TP: Why did you choose to come work at Blessed Trinity?
MP: The school has a fantastic reputation, all of the students come from great families and there is a ton of support from the community.
TP: What is your favorite part of being a teacher at BT?
MP: My favorite parts of being a teacher at BT are all of the extracurricular activities students are involved in. There is always something going on at BT!