Jillian Oreffice: More than Just a Talent

jillianEveryone has a unique talent; whether you’re a math whiz, a world-class chef, or an all-star athlete. Singing has always been something that BT sophomore Jillian Oreffice has been blessed with. Jillian doesn’t just sing around her house or in a school musical, she participates in large-scale productions and has taken many opportunities to become the star that she desires to be.

Growing up, singing was always something Jillian was interested in and was talented at.  She remembers being spotted out by a lady at the mall when she was singing around a store at the age of four. “I was in a store at the mall with my mom and this lady came up to my mom. She told her that I needed to be in singing lessons because she could see my potential to be a big time singer,” she said.

When she was ten years old, she joined a band purely for fun and for an introduction into the entertainment business. What started out as a trial experience, turned into a passion. Jillian began to take her talent more seriously and realize that she could go somewhere with her gift.

In seventh grade, Jillian transferred to Rivers Academy, which showed how serious she was getting about her singing career. Rivers Academy is a school that has a more flexible schedule, letting students be other places during the week. She attended school for three half-days a week, which allowed for more time with her singing coaches, rehearsals, meetings, and shows. “My time at Rivers Academy let me have a more flexible school schedule which let me have a lot more time for music,” she said. Jillian attended a Christian talent competition in Orlando where she met a talent scout who then led her to her current manager. Her manager and his team have shaped “Jillian O’s” dream of becoming a big time singer a reality.

There is a lengthy process Jillian has to go through in order to get one of her songs recorded. It starts off with her writing a rough draft of her song idea by herself. She then goes to the studio with her vocal coach and molds the song. The next step is to lay a rough track of the song that she will sing, usually with a guitar or piano. The final step is to go into the recording booth and actually sing the song with the layering of the music and backup vocals.

Singing has brought a lot of once-in-a-lifetime experiences for Jillian Oreffice. With her band, Endless Energy, Jillian performed with Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys. She also performed at Center Stage and the Masquerade with her band. She sang at Playlist Live, a youtuber convention, where she got to meet pop singer and songwriter, Rebecca Black.

Jillian also got the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at a racetrack in Saratoga, New York in front of 50,000 people. Last year, she performed at the CURE Fest, a fundraiser show for CURE Childhood Cancer. Jillian is extremely grateful for all of these unique opportunities that have come with her hard work in her singing career.

A few years ago, she also had the chance to make a music video for her song “Lighter.” She had a full film crew and set to shoot this video on. “I have gotten to do so many cool things that most people my age wouldn’t usually be able to do. It really is cool to perform for so many different people,” she said.

“Jillian O”, along with everyone in the world, has set many goals for herself. Getting a record deal is her top priority as an artist. “Getting a record deal would be really cool for many reasons. One of them being that I wouldn’t have to pay for everything on my own. And also because that would mean my music would be heard by more people,” she said.

Creating a full album is another one of Jillian’s ambitions. With a full album, comes a tour, which she is really hoping for. She dreams of being a fresh face in the music business. “I want to be a light in the industry.”

Jillian Oreffice uses her singing abilities to her benefit, but she also helps other people. Through the whole process of “getting herself out there”, she has never forgotten the real reason why she even has this gift in the first place. “My goal is not to make money or to be famous; it is to inspire people because God would not give me this ability to sing if I couldn’t touch people with it.”