Java? jQuery? Python? What?

By Alex M., staff writer

There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, those who don’t, and those not expecting a joke in base 3. Don’t get the joke? That’s alright, it’s pretty obscure. But any member of BT’s new App Development Club, better known as AppDev Club, could probably explain it to you.

Founded last spring, the App Development Club focuses on web and application programming. It is beginning its first full year this year. “I am excited about the programming club this year. This club will be a great way to learn more varied programming languages,” said BT senior Daniel Poschel, one of six original founders of the club.

The club is mentored by Mr. Gilbert Jean-Baptiste, BT business teacher, who is organizing the activities the club will pursue. “This year will be a challenge. Our goals will rely on finding the best and easiest way to produce mobile apps and games by enhancing user experience. We will digitize ideas in hopes to create our very own app,” said Mr. Jean-Baptiste.

“We will break our team in five or maybe six categories: The Eclipse All-Stars,The HTML5 and WebGL Essentials, and the JQuery Mobile Specialists and the Codiqa Experiments,” said Mr. Jean-Baptiste. These groups will be working on standalone applications, web programming, and mobile development, respectively.

So why join the AppDev club? It is an excellent way to learn about programming and electronics, which are becoming more and more common in the modern age. “Programming is what I want to major in in college, and I wanted as much experience as possible to get an edge,” said BT senior Evan Nowicki. “It helps me work on the practical uses of the programming knowledge I had already learned in programming class.”

It might be a daunting prospect to learn how to write code, but no experience is necessary to join the club. “Inexperienced students will work with current computer programming and AP Computer Science students to shorten their learning curve,” said Mr. Jean-Baptiste. “All are welcome as long as you are self-motivated, which is truly the only criteria needed to join the club.”

The AppDev Club will be working closely with Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). “There will be many commonalities between the clubs including, but not limited to, essential computer skills and a working knowledge of computers,” said Dr. Su Craddock, the FBLA club advisor and BT business teacher. FBLA has many competition events very closely related to the AppDev Club, such as Computer & Game Simulation Programming, Computer Problem Solving, and Web Site Design.

In fact, BT senior and fellow AppDev founder James Roach has already begun working on a programming project for an FBLA competition. He is writing a game that simulates an office context, which will be judged as part of the competition. “The game highlights the various aspects of the FBLA club,” said James. ”It is a simple game that takes you through an incredibly interesting office space environment.” This is just one example of collaboration between the AppDev and FBLA clubs.

Another event of interest for the App Development club is a tentative plan to visit Google’s offices. “Google has always been a great innovator. Therefore, we will attempt to visit their downtown office to serve as an inspiration to our students,” said Mr. Jean-Baptiste. “After all, they are renowned for having one of the coolest offices in the world.”

Clearly, AppDev club is teed up for a great year. “It will be a lot of fun and be a great way to learn about the art of application development. I am looking forward to working on the [AppDev] club. I think it’s a good way to practice programming and provides a lot of freedom to learn,” said Daniel.