Green, Gold, and Blue

blue ribbon schoolRecently, the Titans added blue to their traditional green and gold colors when they received the honor of a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. On September 29, when everyone arrived at school they were greeted by blue ribbons in the trees and a huge sign announcing the Blue Ribbon recognition.

The Blue Ribbon schools are a selective group, making it impressive that BT was nominated and accepted. “Only 48 high schools nationwide were chosen, only six of those were private, and we were the only high school in Georgia, public or private,” said BT principal, Mr. Frank Moore. “It’s just nice to be recognized; you do a good job, you work hard, students work hard and you feel good about it, but it’s nice to have someone on the outside tell you you’re doing a good job.”

The process for applying to be a Blue Ribbon School is long and arduous, but pays off greatly in the end. The graduating class must score in the top 15% of the nation on the ACT or  SAT and must have a minimum of 90% of the class taking the test. The Council of American Private Education (CAPE) then sends the school the 20 page application. “In order to be considered for an application, you have to be outstanding in many areas,” Mr. Moore said. “We had a team of 17 people working on the application since last school year.” After that, CAPE sends 50 of the US private school applications to the federal government level. From that the Blue Ribbon Schools are chosen.

The BT guidance department played a large role in the application process to attain Blue Ribbon recognition. “This award affirms our hard work,” said BT guidance counselor, Mrs. Nancy Eramian. “We are continually working on improving as an academic institution, and it is nice to be recognized.”

Teachers and students alike were excited when the announcement was made that BT had been recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. “It is very nice for our school to be recognized because I know that all the students here work hard,” said senior Lindsay Devereaux. “Now everyone nationwide can see that hard work as well.”

The already good school of BT was only made greater by this honor. “I always knew this was a great school, but I never realized actually how hard my classmates and teachers work each day until we received this recognition,” said sophomore Parker Riebock. “It is very impressive.”

Senior Alex Krakau is so proud of BT for reaching their highest potential. He believes that prospective students will be even more impressed with BT. “I have to admit, it was great to see those blue ribbons hanging on the trees,” said Alex. “I feel like students and families looking to send their children here will be even more impressed with the school knowing that it is nationally recognized as a great school.”

For all the faculty, staff and administration, new or old to the school, this honor has been a great affirmation of what they have accomplished. “I’ve been here since the beginning, and you start with really nothing and you’re working on getting a curriculum and accepting the first group of students and hoping everything goes right,” said Mr. Moore. “Then 15 years later you get this –  it’s a nice affirmation of what you’ve done over the years.”