Granddaughter of the American Revolution: Elisa Jimenez

Elisa JumenezElisa Jimenez is more than just a junior at BT. Outside of school Elisa holds the title of President of the Martha Stewart Bullock Society and a proud member of the Children of the American Revolution aka C.A.R.

“In the year of 2013, my mother got me started in C.A.R, because my great-grandmother found my American Revolutionary ancestor, Samuel Sewell,” said Elisa. “What makes the club so personal to me is the fact that you have to have lineage to an ancestor in the American Revolution to be accepted in the club.” According to the website, the Society members are “committed to community service and lend their volunteer efforts in support of veterans and active troops, participation in events promoting patriotism and preservation of America’s history, and sponsorship of students at DAR supported schools.”

C.A.R is known for its promotion of patriotism and the learning of American history. The society boxes care packages for the military, places flags and wreaths at national cemeteries, and supports the less fortunate children. C.A.R has a national and state project that always supports some historical place in need for help. “It has impacted my life because I have made many new and wonderful friends,” said Elisa. “I also have the opportunity to practice public speaking.”

This year for C.A.R’s state project, the community is making a visitor sign for Fort Hawkins, which is located in Macon, Ga. “The year before last, we made a garden patio and donated rocking chairs for the pavilion at the veterans hospital in Ga for the state project,” said Elisa.

Elisa hopes that one day she will join the parent organization, called the Daughters of the American Revolution aka D.A.R. which founded C.A.R to promote patriotism in young people and to train good citizens. “They are the original protect history of the American Revolution club,” said Elisa. “Most people I know join C.A.R because their grandmothers are in the D.A.R.”

After being in the club for almost three years, Elisa has made many new friends, practiced public speaking, and learned more about what patriotism truly means. “You have to stand up for something, even if that means standing alone. Because often the one who fly’s solo has the strongest wings,” concluded Elisa.