“God’s Not Dead” Book Review

God's Not DeadBy Maddie Scott

As people get older, hear more opinions, and start to lose track of their faith, their views of God can change. Released in 2014, God’s Not Dead aims to bring people back on track with their faith

As a devout Christian, college freshman Josh Wheaton, walks into the very first class of his college career realizing he might have made a big mistake. Despite being warned by an upperclassman, he decides to charge ahead and take Philosophy. Professor Radisson, philosophy professor, makes it apparent that his beliefs are the exact opposite of Josh’s.
Within the first few minutes of class, Josh’s faith is already tested. Professor Radisson states that he does not believe in God. Not only does he state his disbelief in God, but that he “knows” that God is dead. As a way to skip over lengthy material, he asks each student to write on a piece of paper “God is dead” Josh finds himself in a tough position, having to chose between his future and his faith.

Professor Radisson proposes a deal to Josh so that he does not fail the class. He insists that for the next few classes, Josh come to the front of the class and give arguments for the existence of God. And if he wins the arguments, judged by the students, he will pass the class.

Josh is working long hours to win this argument with his extremely opinionated professor. He finds himself at another crossroad. His girlfriend, who he came to college with, does not approve of him doing this. She claims that it takes too much time away from other classes which could hinder their future together. He decides to continue with his mission because he feels a calling from God to do this.

After multiple days of arguments that Josh presented, Professor Radisson is uneasy, as if he felt like Josh’s arguments were becoming more valid by the day.

Beginning to think Josh will win the argument, Professor Radisson becomes irritable. Josh asks, “Why do you hate God?”Professor Radisson yells back, “Because he took everything away from me!”

As the last statement Josh makes in his debate he answers, “How can you hate someone that doesn’t exist?”
Through his defending of God, Josh inspires many people including two of his classmates: one, an Asian boy with an aggressive father who does not think there is a god. After hearing Josh’ arguments this boy gives his life over to God. Another, a Saudi Arabian girl is trying to follow God in the confines of her faithless father and goes against her father’s wishes and leaves her family to be a Christian.

Not only does Josh’s character, played by Shane Harper, give us more reasons to believe God exists, but to remind us why we believe in Him. Despite roadblocks, trials, tribulations, and challenges, God is always there. As the main line of the movie says, “God is not dead.”