Glamour and Glitz at the Globes

Countless hours spent before a mirror. Dress after dress, color after color. This one fits, that one doesn’t and this one is the one. The dress. The perfect color, the right amount of sparkle and poof. But now to the jewelry and the shoes and the hair…

Prom will be here before we know it, and it is near time to start dress shopping. But what’s in? What’s the style, the color, and fad? Naturally, we look to the stars for where to start.

The Golden Globes is the perfect opportunity for style observation. It is classy and glamorous, but not as serious as the oscars and fun enough to be young and blissful. But beware: as always, some poor souls should be a little more cautious in their wardrobe choices.

Take Jennifer Lawrence for example. In a word, she is fabulous. Her personality is as outgoing as her fashion choices, and she is hip and fun. But her dress. Really? For someone with such a great fashion past, this dress was a letdown.

Previously, I was willing to look past her haircut. Cutting her flowing, golden locks was a bad call in my book, but she was taking a fashion risk which can, in certain cases, be admirable (my way of saying I’ll make an exception because I love her). But this dress is strike two. One strike left, Miss Lawrence.

She needs to match her stunning personality with a jaw-dropping, red-carpet dress. Her Dior dress was white with a pleated torso and had black bands at the waist and lower hip going into a white flair skirt….and it has been accurately likened to a coffee filter. If you still can’t picture it, imagine that scene from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” when Ariel comes out of the water with a ship’s sail as her dress being held by rope. J Law looked pretty similar swimming in that pleated mess of white.

But you still have to give the girl credit. Even when she makes a mistake as disappointing as the dress, she still has the ability to start a fad. Can you say, “#Lawrencing!”?

Even fashion-friendly Reese Witherspoon had problems. Her dress was just too simple. The dress fit her like a glove, and the color was perfect for her, but it looked like she was going to the beach.

Sandra Bullock was on the other side of the spectrum. Her Prabal Guruny gown needed to be simplified. Its like someone decided to design a gown based on cotton candy but then remembered this was a black tie event. On top of the childish color scheme, the plunging neckline and high front hem only added more questions. Why those shoes? Why not a necklace? Why a pony tail? Nothing about her outfit said glam. She must have left her fashion sense in space during filming.

Julia Roberts also chose poorly. Yes, her look was timeless. Yes, it was professional. Her profession might be film but this isn’t a business meeting. Embrace the event, take on the red-carpet moment. The blouse of her Dolce & Gabbana black strapless gown paired with a business updo was work– not red-carpet–ready. Go fun or elegant, but not business attire. The best thing she had going was a diamond studded belt, which she could have played up if she lost the business updo and shirt. Subtract the shirt, add the jewelry, and the black strapless gown equals a classic statement of elegance, the perfect equation for red-carpet perfection.

On the other hand, Sofia Vergara overcame the fashion faux pas wake left by Bullock and Roberts, pulling off the black dress perfectly. She embraced the look with the ballgown style, while keeping to the simple black. What completed the look was the statement necklace and simple earrings. The vibrant turquoise jewelry brought a spark of fun that fit the Golden Globes, while the black ballgown kept it elegant. The necklace was not perfect for her gown and was a bit gaudy for my taste, but she passes in my grade book, since she matched the occasion’s lighthearted, yet polished feel with her style.

If Sofia got a B-, Emma Watson got a B+. Again, it was not perfect, but it was fit for the occasion. Watson’s Dior dress was a simple, red, cap-sleeved dress with a slit in the front, but it escalated quickly as she turned around to reveal an open back with black pants underneath. The back made it.

Though unconventional, it was a smart fashion move. Watson tried something fun and hip that only someone her age could get away with. More importantly, it was enough of a fashion statement so as to only be worthy of a runway, even though it was not as chic as some may prefer. I admire her for not overpowering such a statement look with overdone jewelry. By keeping it simple and clean, she smoothly pulled off this attention-grabbing look. Plus, I love the shoes.

But men, fear not! There is something to be learned for you as well, and more than just how to match your date.Trending with the red-carpet men were colored tuxedos. The choice is no longer black or white, tie or bow tie.

Usher appeared in a dark merlot tux with a black satin bow tie and a diamond broach (don’t ask me to explain why a grown man thought it was important to wear a grandmother’s-first-choice fashion accessory). Matthew McConaughey sported an emerald- green, velvet tux with a black lapel. And many others joined the fad, styling other looks like midnight-blue tuxes and the accompanying black lapels. And, like always, the shinier the shoes the better; just ask Bradley Cooper.

Talking about putting your best foot forward, Margo Robie’s emerald shoes were the perfect compliment for the gorgeous Gucci gown. Simple and elegant, it was clean with just the right amount of embellishment which she carried perfectly into her accessories. Not to mention she pulled off the emerald in a much better proportion than Olivia Wilde, who wore a fabulous sequined gown, but slightly resembled a pregnant lizard in the skintight sequins that photographed more like scales.

But the A+ has to go to actress Lupita Nyong’o. I didn’t even know the name of this show-stopping actress as she made her red-carpet debut, but the red suited her as she ran away with the night in a Ralph Lauren red-caped dress.

No, you should not be imagining Little Red Riding Hood’s cape, and there was nothing childish about this gown. Simple, chic, elegant, and with a definite “wow” factor, she looked perfectly glam and absolutely jaw-dropping. She let the dress do the work, accompanying it with minimal accessories and letting the fashion piece speak for itself.

In a word: stunning.