Welcome, Ms. Pelitera




By Max Gruver
Staff Writer

Meet Blessed Trinity’s new administrative assistant, Ms. Pelitera.

Ms. Pelitera works in the media center. She said she wanted to start working at BT because she knew her son, Cody, had a great experience at BT. “There was an opportunity, and I wanted to work here because I knew that my son, Cody, had a great experience here so I thought that it would be a great work environment,” said Ms. Pelitera. Cody graduated from BT in 2015.

Daily, she does a lot of paperwork and organization. “I make sure to help supervise the media center as well when Mr. Keel is not available,” she said. She will help students who have requests, and do administrative work for Mr. Keel and Mr. Marks.

Outside of school, Ms. Pelitera likes to cook, and her favorite foods to make are chicken piccata and banana pudding. “I do a lot of things with my family. I have a lot of family in the area, so we do a lot of things together such as boating. I also like farmer’s markets on the weekends,” said Ms. Pelitera. She also loves watching football, and her favorite team is the Buffalo Bills.

Her favorite vacation is going to Ireland with her friends. She went all over Ireland and toured Dublin and Killarney.

If BT students could know one thing about her, it is that she feels blessed to have this opportunity to work here. “I think that if you surround yourself with Godly people, good things will happen for you,” she said.