Crafting for a Cause

Junior Grace McNamee and senior Hannah Stokes came to Mrs. Sherry Hart, who is in charge of BT’s daily attendance, in October 2012 to start the club Crafting for a Cause. “I wanted to start the club to be able to do something fun while helping out others. Also Pinterest gave me some great ideas to inspire me to start,” said Grace. The members enjoy themselves while doing crafty activities which are then given to worthy causes.

The club’s members gather two Wednesdays a month after school. The members meet together with the materials (provided by Mrs. Hart) to make the particular craft for the day. Ideas come from the students or from the crafty founding faculty member. “I love to do crafts. I craft something everyday of my life,” said Mrs. Hart. “I enjoy getting to share this experience. I love all the girls getting together. There is no drama, and everyone just gets along.”

Junior Hannah Hoch joined the club soon after it was founded. “I joined because my friend, Grace, helped start the club and she seemed enthusiastic about it. Also it sounded like a truly enjoyable way to help people,” said Hannah.  Hannah has attended many meetings and has found that it is service that she learns from as well. She gains crafting skills and grows closer to her friends while also doing something for a good cause.

The crafts vary depending on the desire of the members. They usually try to do a craft per meeting, but some crafts like making jewelry can take weeks to learn how to do. The members teach each other skills they have acquired. The club is planning on knitting for the next month’s craft. Three of the members are going to spend a few weeks teaching the club how to knit, so that the club can then make knitted crafts to donate.

Crafting for a Cause started with about thirty members and now has around fifty. Grace wanted to start the club to help people, and she achieved that while also being able to have fun herself.  Her favorite project was decorating mason jars. Every day, she puts in her favorite memories and then opens it on New Years to read all of the wonderful things that happened that year. “This craft is a wonderful reminder of all that I have. I can look at the full jar and know I am blessed,” said Grace.

The crafts that the club do go to a fitting cause. One major project was to make beaded jewelry. The members spent weeks learning how to properly make lovely bracelets. The bracelets were then taken to the Saint Vincent de Paul Homeless Shelter and given out to women. This was a wonderful service opportunity because most women in the home never owned a piece of jewelry. “I love being able to make something that will put a smile on someone’s face. Also all the members are really great and help make the club a lot of fun,” said Grace.

Another large project that the club took on was making blanket to send to the Canine Assistants Animal Shelter. In this way the club was not only able to reach out to people, but to animals as well. The blankets kept the animals nice and warm during the winter. “It is great to know that someone else can benefit from your fun. It does not matter if our projects are big or small, they help out some way which is what matters,” said Hannah.

Senior Carly Marini, who has been a member since it was established, said that Crafting for a Cause is a service club that just feels like fun and is a great way to help out those who need a little something to brighten their day while also having fun with fellow classmates. “My favorite part of the club is that there are so many possibilities for potential projects. I love it because we all get to serve the community in an out-of-the-box way,” said Carly.