Brighten Up Your Season

December 13, 2013 staff 0

Holiday light shows may be undervalued by some BT students, but what they do not know is what they are missing out on. Some students […]

Freaky Fears

November 5, 2013 staff 0

Sweaty palms, weak knees, pounding heart, knotted stomach, and gasping for air are all common reactions to fear. October seems to bring out the scaredy-cats […]

Tae Kwan Dynamos

November 1, 2013 staff 0

Eagle Strike, Tiger Claw, Tornado Kick, and Knife Hand are all techniques used in the Korean martial art, Tae Kwon Do. According to the American […]

Meet your Senior Court

October 19, 2013 staff 0

  Every year, five senior girls are elected to Homecoming Court, and one is crowned queen. Last night, the Homecoming Queen of the Class of […]