Christmas Dance Shows

December 17, 2013 staff 0

Plie, Jete, Chasse, all day! To dancers this is a common phrase. However, to non-dancers, it sounds really strange. Dancers are full of different oddities […]

Off the Cuff Acting

December 12, 2013 staff 0

If I told you were on a beach on a deserted island, would you be able to accept it immediately and then make a joke […]

Photography Frenzy

December 4, 2013 staff 0

Nowadays, people take pictures of everything. With social media sites, like Instagram and Twitter, and smartphones with good cameras, people can snap a quick picture […]

Musicians at BT

December 4, 2013 Emma Erbs 0

Imagine a world strung in silence, where people walked around emotionless and had no way to express their creativity. Music has been an outlet people […]

Picture Perfection

November 5, 2013 APalazzo16 0

A nighttime shot of a Ferris wheel. A candid of a laughing baby. A long-exposure shot of a sparkler. Photographs can express so much with just […]