Building Houses One Hammer at a Time

HFH2By Stephanie Cornejo, HFH special contributor

Just because school ends, it does not mean Habitat puts away the hammers and nails!

This summer was very busy for Blessed Trinity’s Habitat for Humanity. It was filled with hammers, nails, and the North Carolina weather. Every year Habitat has what they call the Collegiate Challenge, they send 20 volunteers to a week-long build. The location is always different and this year it was in Goldsboro, North Carolina. The build was not only for current Habitat members, but alumni too.

BT junior Emma Hodson, said: “The Collegiate Challenge was the highlight of my summer. I did not only build houses, but I also built friendships,” she said, adding that they also we also able to go whitewater rafting and toured the town of Goldsboro.

At the Collegiate Challenge, the builders were able to witness the new home owners take in the sight of their brand new house. Sam Smith, president of BT’s chapter of Habitat, said: “Recognizing that the house whose keys they were holding was the first home they had ever lived in, yet alone owned, gave me an entirely new sense of Habitat.”

This was not the only dedication Habitat did this summer.  Last year, BT’s Habitat chapter built a bookshelf for a Habitat family’s home who had young children. The BT Habitat Chapter could not have done this on their own though. The National English Society helped with a book drive and they was able to get many books for the new shelf. The bookshelf was donated at the Woodstock build this summer!

Now that a new year has started, there are many new and exciting things coming up!  Habitat just had their first build August 2. There are many more builds to come this year, so make sure to be on the look out!  While those younger than 16 can’t help build yet, all BT students are still encouraged to join this amazing club.  Every year Habitat makes yummy bake goods for the football games. We need all the bake goods we can get, and if you are in need of any service hours, helping to sell these wonderful sweets is always needed! Come be apart of Habitat for Humanity where we are building houses one hammer at a time!!

If you are interested in being a part of Habitat for Humanity and did not get a chance to become a member at the group’s earlier meeting, please see Mr. Morzen in room 119 to sign up.