BT Wrestlers visit Virginia Tech

The wrestling program traveled to Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA for wrestling camp in mid July.  Coach Barden commented that he was extremely proud of the turn out for the camp.  He took 20 wrestlers and three coaches to the camp.  What made this an outstanding wrestling camp was that every class was well represented.  The wrestling program took four seniors, five juniors, five sophomores, and six incoming freshmen.  Coach Barden was pleasantly surprised that so many incoming freshmen attended summer camp.  He said, “that is the most freshmen that I have ever taken to a summer camp since I have been at Blessed Trinity”. Jack a rising sophomore commented, “Attending the Virginia Tech camp was a fun and educational experience. The coaches were good at teaching the moves step by step, but they also provided one on one instruction to help those who were having trouble. They also promoted customizing each move to one’s best strength and ability.  The slow increase in difficulty each session allowed a build up of conditioning and acclimation so that wrestlers would not be worn out but would allow the most efficient use of time. Overall, I feel Virginia Tech has provided a great experience for me both as a wrestler and an athlete.”

Coach Hollers, Coach Contratto, and Coach Piper (head Jr. Titan coach) also attended the Virginia Tech wrestling camp.
If your son is interesting in wrestling for Blessed Trinity this season please contact Coach Barden at