BT Theatrical Alliance presents FIGMENTS

Date: 9/9/2016 Time: 7:30 PM Location: Blessed Trinity Catholic High School

Blessed Trinity Theatrical Alliance presents “Figments” by Billy St. John

Rick Jacobs is a playwright with a wild imagination—perhaps too wild! As he attempts to overcome a massive case of writer’s block, the audience sees four figments of his imagination play out the opening scene of his next murder mystery. He—and they—are interrupted by the arrival of his neighbor, Loni, with whom Rick is secretly, and helplessly, in love.  The source of Rick’s trouble with women, his domineering mother, arrives on the scene (along with her imagined double) carrying a burial urn with Mr. Jacobs’ ashes inside. Pop pops in and out of Rick’s thoughts (wearing a life-size urn) to comment on his life with Mama and on the hereafter. Even the image of Rick’s former ladylove, Sarah, comes around to encourage him to cut the old apron strings. As Rick’s thoughts bounce between his frustrating love life and his play, the real people and the figments of Rick’s imagination clash riotously with the fictional characters in his play.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes through a playwright’s mind, this farcical comedy reveals all—hilariously.

Figments Cast List:

Rick – Jacob Franke

Loni – Teresa Bascle

Mama – Grace Jones

Matt – Andrew Hawkins

Rick 2 – Sean Doherty

Loni 2 – Aline O’Neill

Mama 2 – Carolyn Shipley

Matt 2 – Luis Jimenez

Sarah – Elizabeth Sheldon

Veronica – Maggie O’Neill

Winston – Thomas Leach

David – Jack Wallace

Louise – Hunter Lanius

Pop – Jack Birth

Tickets are $10 each and available at the ticket window one hour before the performance at the door. If you are a Fine Arts Association Member, admission may be included. For more information, please see the Fine Arts page on the BT Website or the recent Titan Press article about how to join the BTFAA. We would love to have you!