BT Students Go to Washington, D.C.!



In January, fifteen juniors and seniors, along with Coach Michael Henry and Ms. Allison Roberts, attended the Close Up Foundation’s workshop for students interested in government. The students participated in discussions and debates on topical issues such as health care and the upcoming election; junior Elisa Jimenez remarked that she enjoyed hearing “a lot of points of view from around the country politically” as they interacted with students from Texas, California, Florida, and Louisiana.

As part of the sightseeing program, the students toured the major monuments such as the Smithsonian Museums, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Capitol. Senators Johnny Isaakson and Senator David Perdue met with the students to discuss current events, and Kyle Zebley, Representative Tom Price’s Legislative Director, led a question and answer session for the students. While on a visit to the White House, students were able to tour the ground floor rooms and take pictures for the first time.

Sign-ups have already started for next year’s trip to the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. Students will leave on Monday, January 17, and return on Sunday, January 22. During this program, students will have the opportunity to attend the Inauguration and the festivities that take place during the week along with the rest of Close Up’s workshop. Rising juniors and seniors are invited to attend; if you or your child is interested, please check out the information at the links listed below.  To sign your child up for the trip, please email Coach Henry at or Allison Roberts at

BT Close Up group’s Twitter

Close Up Foundation Brochure

Close Up Foundation Video