BT Habitat: Special Opportunity with Habitat CEO

12122880_1041586409234862_4103721758360740707_n (1) On a Tuesday in October three Blessed Trinity students and a teacher hopped on a BT bus and headed to downtown Atlanta, at the request of an international company,  to interview their CEO for an upcoming video. Members of BT’s Habitat for Humanity, seniors SK Lasseigne and Pearce Kudlata, and junior Sarah Nee, accompanied by English teacher Ms. Marissa Bohan ‘08, traveled to the Habitat for Humanity International office to interview CEO Jonathan Reckford.

Mr. Reckford’s office requested a BT student conduct an interview to showcase at their Youth Leadership Conference which was held in Atlanta in early November. Out of the hundreds of club chapters, Blessed Trinity was selected due to their reputation of strong and consistent student involvement in both fundraising and advocacy, including the Chariot Film Festival.  SK Lasseigne was selected as the interviewer given her title of president within the club chapter.

The students left after second block for their appointment. After parking the BT bus in downtown Atlanta, the students entered into the Habitat corporate office where they were escorted to a film set with a professional camera crew. SK was set up with a microphone and anxiously awaited Reckford’s arrival. Reckford greeted the group and sat down for the interview.

“Once we arrived there was a film crew working and they were busy organizing the shot. I was nervous, excited and anxious to interview Mr. Reckford,” said SK. “I had been receiving his Habitat emails for a few years and was looking forward to meeting him.”

SK interviewed Reckford about his journey to Habitat, some of his project involvement, and how his faith has been integrated into the Habitat mission. The interview lasted about twenty minutes and will be distributed on Habitat’s social media accounts later this month. The interview questions were submitted through a collective effort of BT’s Habitat Chapter. “Mr. Reckford is a faith-filled man. It was powerful to see his values reflected in the responses he gave,” said Ms. Bohan.  Mr. Reckford has been the organization’s’ CEO for a decade and has seen Habitat grow from assisting 25,000 families a year to now helping over 300,000 in the US and more than 70 countries.

“Right from the start he was very open and personable,” said SK. “He spoke about his vision for the future and how he wants young people to play a leadership role in continuing to build the organization both on campuses and internationally.”

The experience was enlightening and exciting for the students and Ms. Bohan as they were able to more fully explore the depth of Habitat for Humanity. “My sister and a few of her friends started the Habitat Chapter when I was a student here,” remembered Ms. Bohan. “It’s a blessing to see how far the organization has come.”