Blinging Out

Many students at BT are discovering how to be young entrepreneurs by making and selling their own jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets and even headbands.

Juniors Megan Foye and Anna Murphy started making fabric braided headbands and selling them last year when they were sophomores, and are continuing their business this year. “Anna and I started making and selling these headbands as a way to make some extra cash and be entrepreneurs,” said Megan. “We didn’t know if people would even buy them, but we ended up selling around 80 last year, maybe more. Girls really seemed to like them.”

The headbands come in many different colors and can be skinny or thick. Anna is inspired by her mom, Sherri Murphy, who owns a jewelry company called InspiredDesigns, where she makes and sells her own jewelry. “I saw how much my mom enjoyed her business, and this made me want to start my own thing.” said Anna. These headbands sell for $10 and are quite useful as well as fashionable.

Last year, junior Alexis Cahalan started making bracelets, starting last year when a close family friend of hers, Robin, was diagnosed with cancer and was going through a hard time dealing with it. “He was trying to find a way to stay motivated throughout his treatment but couldn’t find a way to do it. I started making bracelets and selling them and I donated all the profits to benefit his cancer treatment fund. I gave some to his wife to wear around and all of their family friends started to buy them to support Robin,” said Alexis. “It gave him the motivation to beat cancer and to be able to call himself a survivor.”

After a little over a year, Robin is now cancer-free and Alexis continues to make her bracelets. They sell for various prices depending on the bracelet and how much effort it took to make, and are absolutely beautiful.

Freshman Libby Feruck makes bead bracelets and necklaces and sells them to her peers as well. “I have always loved jewelry and have always wanted to start making it, so one day I got bored and finally decided to. I made them for myself, but then my friends saw them and wanted me to make them some, so I decided to make a business out of it,” said Libby. She makes them in many different ways with different beads and charms so that they are unique.

Like many other students trying to sell their products, all of these girls use sites such as Instagram and Twitter to get the word out. “Instagram has proved to be very useful in selling our stuff because if Megan and I both have five hundred followers each, then that’s one thousand people who are seeing the picture we have posted with our product and price. People comment on the picture or text us saying they want one and in what color and size, and we try to get it to them within the next three days. Then people start wearing them around and others think they are cool and want one, and our business grows,” said Anna.

The girls have lots of fun making the jewelry, and think it is a very good hobby to have. “I would definitely recommend doing crafts and stuff whenever you get bored instead of watching tv or going on Twitter. It makes you feel productive and it’s just way more rewarding,” said Anna.