Blessed Trinity Students March For Life

Every year, on the anniversary of the controversial Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision, there is a peaceful protest titled “March For Life” in Washington, D.C. The march is a pro-life protest that protests abortion, and fights to get the court decision reversed and make abortion illegal again. Many would argue that, in today’s America, life is winning at the moment. The march very likely has a lot to do with that.


Annually, a group of Blessed Trinity students attends the march to show support for the pro-life movement, and to oppose abortion. This year, a group of 24 students attended the march.


Many of the students felt very successful after the march. It is a powerful movement, and it feels good for them to do something they believe in. “It feels like I’m a part of something much larger. This was my first time doing any sort of political protest, and it gave me hope that through peaceful protest and a loving attitude, we can eventually save more lives and grow a culture of love in our nation,” said BT senior Mary Anne Roach, “Before the march, it felt like a hopeless cause, but one that was still worth fighting for. Now I can see the hope.”


Many of the signs at the event read things such as, “Conceived from rape, love my life,” according to Mary Anne. Students said that these signs moved them, and it made them believe in what they were marching for more. “During the march there were many Pro-life supporters holding signs that said things like ‘I regret my abortion’ or ‘I lost my sibling to abortion,’” said BT junior Karsen McMahon, “These signs were very moving and many people went up to them and gave them hugs and spoke with them.”


While this was a pro-life march, there were also pro-choice people at the event to protest the march. Not many, but a few. “There were some people who protested the march, but the ones that I encountered were rather peaceful,” said BT senior Luke Erbs, “Some were off to the side simply holding pro-choice signs, and others were yelling their views. I did not interact with any of these people.”


BT senior Sam Naab also noticed a couple of pro-choice protesters who had peaceful conversations with pro-life members. “I only saw two or three pro-choice protesters, and even though I did not talk to them, there was a woman right in front of me holding a sign which read ‘Proud to be Adopted,’” said Sam, “One of the pro choice protesters walked up to her and was actually very gracious and kind to her, telling her how she respected her for going through adoption and making it this far in life to express her beliefs. I was kind of shocked by that actually.”


Overall, the march was very successful this year. There were many speakers at the march, including Senator Mia Love and keynote speaker Vice President Mike Pence. In a world where it may seem like the pro-life message goes unheard a lot, it is making a comeback and people are listening. “I do feel like the march is making a difference,” said Sam, “It is such a peaceful protest, but each year tons of people come out to support the cause. It really is a powerful event.