Beyond My Stone

By: Maddie Sokol
Staff Writer

On Saturday, September 24th, a group of BT students who participate in the Fine Arts department assisted in “Beyond My Stone” at the Old Roswell Cemetery located at the intersection of Alpharetta Highway and Woodstock Road. “Beyond My Stone” was a tour of the Old Roswell Cemetery, in which actors and actresses portrayed those who had died and were buried in Roswell’s historic area.

Aline O’Neill, BT senior, portrayed Mettamora Crowley, “The Crowley family was all buried together and today there are still some blood-related relatives that live in the Roswell area,” said Aline.  According to Aline, it took her about a week to memorize the script and prepare for her role.

Erin McDaniel, BT sophomore, played the role of Mamie Sherman Crowley Weaver. Weaver wasn’t famous, but Erin said that she had an interesting story. Weaver was a widow, living in Roswell, who remarried in 1906. She lived to be 70 years old, which was longer than most of her relatives, who had died from common causes such as birthing complications or typhoid fever. “Her second husband, Hugh Irby Weaver, served for three terms as the mayor of Roswell. Her son, Roger, also served as mayor in 1943,” she said.

The majority of Weaver’s family is also buried in the Old Roswell Cemetery. When she died, she was buried near them. Erin said, “Mamie’s grave is next to her second husband, Hugh, and just a few steps away from many of her family members, including Mettie, who Aline portrayed.”

Erin said she enjoyed her role, knowing that she had a lot to memorize and learn about Weaver. “Even though she was an ordinary woman, it was awesome to hear that there are still people from her line of descent living in Roswell,” Erin concluded.

Aiden Foley, BT sophomore, was standing at the grave of Lucy Henson, a young girl who died at the age of 17. She had little significance due to death at such a young age, but she lived with her mother, sister, and stepfather, who was a Methodist Minister, here in Roswell. “I told the story of her family’s life and about her father who died in the Civil War,” said Aiden.

Lucy had died from a fever and was buried in the Old Roswell Cemetery because it was the closest cemetery. Today, she has few relatives, who currently live in Roswell.

Blessed Trinity students are thankful for The Roswell Historical Society reaching out to Mr. Dodson, BT Fine Arts teacher, and thoroughly enjoyed being able to portray those who are buried in The Old Roswell Cemetery.