Amazing Avalon Twinkles This Season

avalonShining lights, a skating rink, long paved sidewalks, a huge fountain, and a warm fire pit; a mini metropolis has hit Alpharetta! This new shopping center, Avalon, has opened up and it is already booming with popularity among the BT crowd. It is a premiere location for high class shopping, fine dining, a movie theater, and luxurious residential areas. The center includes seventy-five retail stores, fifteen restaurants, office spaces, a 300-room hotel, and 800 residential spaces including lofts and courtyard enclaves.

People living in the Roswell and Alpharetta areas are excited that they have a closer option for more high-end brand products. BT sophomore Sarah Leonard is thrilled she does not have to make the trip to Lenox Mall to get her favorite brands. “My favorite brand is Vineyard Vines and the closest store they had was at Lenox Mall and it was such a hassle to get there. Now, there is a retail store at the Avalon and I am so happy I can now make quick runs to buy my favorite clothes.”

There are so many options for all different tastes in food at the Avalon. One of the unique things about the Avalon is it has a full Whole Foods, so it is not only contains restaurants but a full grocery store. The restaurants at the Avalon include Ted’s Montana Grill, Marlow’s Tavern, Bocado Burger, and Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt. One of the most exciting options that the Avalon has to offer is Antico Pizza. Antico is a very popular pizza restaurant that offers traditional and classic-style pizzas. The only other location that Antico had in this area was in downtown Atlanta, so a closer location is creating a lot of excitement.

BT theology teacher, Jonathan Grattan, is eyeing this unique pizza with his wife. “I have come to the conclusion that I am most looking forward to trying the pizza at Antico Pizza. My wife and I love trying new pizza places and I enjoy ordering specialty pizzas that I have never had before!”

With all the new restaurants, retail stores, a new movie theater, comes more job opportunities. A few BT students have taken advantage of these opportunities offered. BT senior Erin Glowacki got a job at Free People, a boutique-style clothing store. ”Free People is one of my favorite brands so I am so happy that I got a job there”, said Erin, and she was also happy to be one of the first people to work at Avalon. “It’s also a huge privilege to be a part of the first employees working at the Avalon. I was there the first night it was open and that was really cool. The Avalon is going to become a huge attraction and it is really cool to be a part of that!”

Marissa Bohan, BT English teacher has heard great reviews on Avalon and even knows someone who is going to sell their products there. “I have heard that Avalon is a great place to go. My friend, Erica Jackson, is very excited about selling her Velina Jewlery in one of the stands at the Avalon.”

In November, Avalon hosted their first annual “Lighting Avalon” to kick off the holiday season. The night began with lighting the tree at sunset which opened up to a whole night of activities. There was hot cocoa and s’mores, ice skating with Elsa from Frozen, and even a visit from Santa. The night capped off with a holiday firework show. BT Sophomore, Mackenzie Driscoll, went to this event and loved every aspect of the night. “Avalon had many fun Christmas activities including ice skating, a Christmas parade, live performances, and lighting the Christmas tree. I loved that they had a giant snow blower during the parade,” she said.

Avalon’s design and overall idea have attracted many people in the BT community. The twinkling lights on the trees, the lit up fountain, and its warm and fuzzy feel bring out the best in this new shopping center.

BT junior Constance Czajkowski loved her experience at Avalon the first weekend it was open. “It made me feel like I was walking in New York. The lights on the trees were beautiful and the fountain was lit with lights. It was so pretty! I’m really looking forward to spending time at Avalon!”