Academic Team Has A Very High Q!

IMG_9493When thinking of a team to join at BT, many students and parents might think exclusively on the athletic side, but did you know BT has an accomplished Academic Team and that being on TV has been one of their highlights this year?

The BT Academic Team recently took their talents to the airways for the student quiz show High-Q on WSB-TV. To date, the team has made it through the first round beating Morgan County in November. Their next appearance is against Walton High School and will air on February 20.

BT’s Academic Team competes on the varsity and junior varsity levels. Teams of four or five students compete against other high schools in round-robin tournaments that test team knowledge of high school curriculum – math, science, geography, history, and literature – and other topics such as art, music, mythology, and trivia.

According to team moderator and social studies chair Moira Clark, High Q was a nail-biter, going down to the last couple of questions before the winner was determined. “While BT excelled in the first round, players fell behind in the middle of the game with the rounds called ‘Extra Credit’ and ‘Quick Quiz’,” said Mrs. Clark. “This encouraged the team to come back with a vengeance in the final round, gaining the lead with the ‘Higher Q’ question by taking a chance and bidding a large number of points.” BT held on to this lead until the end of the game, beating Morgan County with a final score of 535 to 460.

While the team had lots of fun at the television appearance, they have also enjoyed growing this year as a program with a very large JV team. “Our two seniors have provided leadership in two different varsity tournaments, while the junior varsity members have competed in three tournaments,” commented Mrs. Leslie DePietro, an English teacher and another Academic Team moderator. “JV members have grown quite a bit, even competing in some varsity tournaments. Ryan McDaniel, Bill Duffin, and Josh Cole all earned a high number of personal points at the Marist Tournament, which recorded individual statistics for each player.”

Sophomore Kyra Montes joined Academic Team during the school’s annual Club Day her freshman year. “I’ve always loved competing and learning. Being the smart girl was always something I wanted to be, and Academic Team was just a perfect match for me. When I was at Club Day, I practically ran to it.”

Academic Team has taught Kyra the meaning of responsibility. “You have to memorize your majors and your facts for competitions. Otherwise, you look dumb if you don’t know the answer to what should have been easy,” she said. “It’s a team effort when we compete as if we were playing football or soccer. Everyone has to play their part. It’s so much fun, and it’s always worth the studying. Plus, you can letter in it!” She also has sound advice for anyone considering joining Academic Team: “Study. Just take fifteen minutes out of each day and review everything. You could also learn something new. It will benefit you so much during competitions, and you can amaze your friends. My favorite forms of studying are Quizlet and Thug Notes.”

Kyra’s ambitions for college include going to Yale for her undergraduate degree with a major in theater on a pre-med track. “I plan to do Quiz Bowl/Academic Team in college, if I can,” she commented.

Team members include: seniors Josh Cole, Bill Duffin, and Ashley Choo-Hen; sophomores Ryan McDaniel, Ben Mitchell, Kyra Montes, Agnes Kumi, Connor Mikell, and Will Caddell; freshmen members include Vincent DeSanto, Kathleen O’Donnell, Bailey Holland, and Vincent Baker.

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