A Snowy Adventure

He would have gone to work. He would have sat besides a five-year old eating candy, as he continued his long day tutoring mathematics. He would have dragged himself home, struggled to maintain attention enough to start his homework, and continue to glare out the window, wondering why it could not have snowed.

But it did snow. Lucas Isbill, a BT senior, was directed by the weather’s sudden turn, away from the monotony of another afternoon and into an experience that will stay with him for years to come.

“Well, I didn’t have a car and I still wasn’t positive if my shift at work would be cancelled, so I asked Diego if he could drive me to Adrian’s,” said Lucas as he explained how his ordeal began. BT senior Diego Bazzani and Adrian Hanson, also BT senior who lives close to the school, and Lucas were wanting to hang out, so it seemed to be a natural solution.

However, they should have known that Tuesday would be an exciting day as they inched down Hwy. 92, windows down and Christmas music blaring– a suggestion brought forth by Lucas. “I’ll never get another chance to cruise in the snow with the windows down to the tune of ‘Here Comes Santa Claus,’” reasoned Diego, the car’s driver who finally gave into this request.

“After cruising with the windows down and the Christmas music blasting for an hour and covering one mile on 92, we decided to neglect Adrian’s advice to take the safe, back roads and brave the hills through the front entrance of his neighborhood. We got to this downhill slope and there was this car stuck in the middle of the road, and the driver was standing in front of their car, trying to wave us down. I edged on my brakes a little more to try and slow down, but my car started sliding across the ice,” said Diego.

Luckily, Diego was clever enough to redirect his car in order to avoid a catastrophe. “I aimed the car toward the curb so the wheels would get locked on the curb and stop us. Once that happened, the car was stuck on the ice, but it was lucky that we stopped there, because at the bottom of the hill there was a three-car pile up,” he said.

Lucas, though, appeared to be the unfortunate instigator of this near calamity. After receiving the advice from Adrian to not go through the main entrance of the neighborhood, Diego and Lucas both became a bit antsy, and Lucas decided they should risk ignoring their friend’s advice. “At first, I was unsure because it could be dangerous if it was as severe as Adrian said it was, but I liked the possibility of adventure, so I quickly advocated the idea and deterred Diego’s doubts. At first, it went relatively well. We even saw a mailman continuing his routes and cheered him on. Then we came to the hill,” said Lucas.

“Our brakes were essentially useless as we continued to slide despite Diego’s efforts,” said Lucas. “Quickly realizing where this was leading, I decided to bail before it happened. So, I unlocked the door and hopped out to watch Diego. Luckily, Diego used his skill to pull into the curb and stop it before it slid down the hill sideways.”

Responsibly, the two went and met the owner of the car that was in the middle of the road, and together they helped block off the road to avoid any other drivers from harm. Getting their stuff out of the car and leaving a note in the car with Diego’s phone number, they continued on the last mile to their friend’s house. “It was a very relaxing walk. You could feel the adventure in the air,” said Lucas.

Upon reaching Adrian’s, the boys engaged themselves in continuing to find out information about their situation, playing in the snow, and a good, long sleep. “We sled in his backyard,  grew cultured by watching foreign films on Netflix, and played video games. And slept,” said Diego. Later, they set out to Target. “It felt like a zombie apocalypse had hit while we were walking there, and even more so when we arrived at Target to find only two employees and maybe three other customers.”

Their situation ended up much more enjoyable than others, as Lucas very well knows.  “My mom ended up getting stuck and she had to stay at a friend’s house. My dad got home but he had to walk a good distance. They eventually got my mom’s car back home and then they came and got me.”

Diego and Lucas were fortunate. Like many BT students they were stranded for a few days, but finally made their way home with a new adventure to tell about. “Thursday morning I was finally able to get my car unstuck and go home,” said Diego.