A Shamrockin’ Carnival of a Good Time! – March 20


On an annual basis, 700,000 children in the United States are in the foster care system and 400,000 children are in foster homes on any given day. To help some of these children and to bring a little more fun into their lives, BT’s Chick-fil-A Leader Academy has decided to put on a carnival. The carnival will be on March 20 from 12-5pm at BT.

The Chick-fil-A Leader Academy is holding a Shamrockin’ Carnival, a fundraiser to benefit the 1 in 184 children who are in foster care throughout the United States. In one Georgia county 500 children alone are in need of foster care. “The carnival is a way to raise money for kids in foster care, and they could partake in the event as well,” said Caitlin Cowart, a BT senior and member of the chapter. ” With a carnival, we will be able to have them there in a larger setting with many different families. We are hoping to give the kids a fun St. Patrick’s Day ‘adventure’ that is different from their normal routine while contributing to their welfare and education with the money we raise for them.”

The carnival will include bounce houses, face painting, a cake walk, dunk tank, a Bibbity Bobbity Boutique, as well as many more fun festivities. Food will also be on the menu including hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream and popsicles.

The Leader Academy hopes that through meaningful service projects they will leave a positive impact on their community. “We get to choose service projects that are especially important to us,” said Caitlin. “It is making us better leaders in the way that we are responsible for making the plans and getting everything done.”

According to Caitlin, the idea of a carnival was proposed by Erin Hogan (BT senior) who thought putting both time and effort into the carnival would reap the best rewards. “It is difficult to interact with kids in foster care with all of the privacy rules from the government. With a carnival, we will be able to have them there in a larger setting with many different families.”

If you would like to volunteer and help the BT Leadership Academy, please reach out to the Fundraising Team of Arden Buchanan, Caitlin Cowart, Erin Hogan, Abby Korn, Anna McMaster and Maggie Pierson. Contact Information:Caitlin Cowart: 404~556~4524 | ccowart16@btcatholic.org and Maggie Pierson: 404~791~1611 | mpierson16@btcatholic.org. 

Come out and support your fellow BT students, and foster kids around Georgia.

Shamrockin’ Flyer