A Glimpse of the Theater: BTTA’s Ten-Minute Plays

Of the many different forms performing arts take, from jazz music to poetry to Shakespearean tragedies, ten-minute plays are surely one of the most engaging. BT’s Theatrical Alliance set to work this fall to cast eleven brief plays, exploring topics from the Kennedy assassination to the relationship between a grandfather and granddaughter. “These plays provide us with opportunities for new things,” said Mr. Allan Dodson, head of the BT Theatrical Alliance. “Actors can get onstage more.”

Sophomore Amelia McGinnis, who has been cast in two of the brief productions, Ghost Light and Zombie Funeral, said that she particularly enjoys the ten-minute plays. “I love theater so just having the chance to be a part of it is amazing,” said Amelia.

Ghost Light depicts a lonely stage manager who turns off the backstage light said to keep ghosts at bay. A group of theatrical ghosts appear to teach him lessons about himself and eventually change his perspective on life. Another sophomore, Jess Lemoine, has attained the roles of Dana in Real Space, about a reality TV show, and Sarah in the self-explanatory The Interview. “I personally have never gotten a substantial part in a production, so learning lines and creating a character is a new and exciting experience for me,” said Jess.

There are several other unique features of these brief plays. Two have been written by Mr. Dodson himself, while one was written by BT’s own principal, Mr. Frank Moore. Yet another was written by a BT senior, Megan Crane. Many plays are directed by BT seniors such as Jasmine Hopkins and Mike Bascle. The entire process, from auditions to the performance, takes less than a month, making the plays an exercise in timing as well as theatrical ability. The eleven plays, Common Ground, A Night in the Clouds, Ghost Light, Encounter on a Grassy Knoll, Jubilee Catalog Sales, Moon Over Tinyville, Real Space, Runaway, Some Assembly Required, The Interview, and Zombie Funeral, will be performed this weekend. Stop by the theater on November 2nd to see the BT thespians make their ten-minute debut!