A BT “YouTube” Sensation

mimiEvery day teens all over the world are tuning in to their personalized social media feed, reading the latest news stories on Facebook, liking the newest posts on Instagram, or viewing photos on Snapchat. Social media has become second-nature and is a permanent part of this generation’s culture. Teens find it is the easiest way to send and receive information about friends, family, and the world.

BT freshman Mimi Drabik has a unique, first-hand experience with the rising age of social media entertainment that not many fourteen-year olds do. Mimi works for a popular YouTube channel called SevenSuperGirls, where she and other teens post weekly videos at the liking of their followers as a series of continuing small skits.  

She discovered these YouTube videos when she was twelve, and became a member of one of the channels through a difficult audition process. “There were over 900 girls auditioning and only six spots would be open, so I did not have super high hopes of getting accepted onto a channel,” Mimi said. “About two months later in early July I received an email from one of the directors of the SAKs channels, letting me know that I had been chosen to be on the SevenPerfectAngels channel. I started making weekly skits in July of 2014 and continued for a little over a year and absolutely loved it! This past August I was offered a spot on SevenSuperGirls.”

With almost four million subscribers, SevenSuperGirls videos appeal to girls from five to twelve and focuses on keeping their viewers entertained with their creative videos that give a twist to the everyday lives of the girls. “Each week we are given a theme and then we are required to create, film, edit, and deliver a video each week,” Mimi explained. “An example of a theme is ‘My Secret ____’, it’s up to you on what you would like to create. I just try to be creative and make happy, upbeat content for our viewers.” Mimi has filmed spontaneous skits such as “Mimi’s Three Wishes!” and “Mimi’s Secret Fear of… CAKE!?!” to add creativity to her videos.   

Throughout Mimi’s career as a “YouTuber” she has had an impact on other social media forms, gaining thousands of faithful followers who frequently keep up with Mimi’s posts and who look up to her as an example to follow. Her impact on young girls and tweens is part of the rising social media culture that allows thousands of people from different parts of the world to stay connected to someone who has a central influence on them. Mimi has also been able to personally connect with some of her fans through an annual “Meet and Greet” which was held in Houston. 

“As far as being role models for our fans, we do have rules to follow on the channel,” Mimi said. “The rules are just to make sure the content we are providing is safe for our younger audience to be watching so that their parents don’t have to worry about anything inappropriate. Not only are these rules easy to follow, they also display to our viewers a standard of good habits on social media that encourages them to follow our example.” (The website states: “This is a parentally controlled and moderated channel. The parents are responsible for all uploads, and all content is vetted by them. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.”)

Mimi’s unique job as a frequent “YouTuber” has given her the opportunity of a lifetime to be able to create videos for girls around her age to identify with and enjoy. The SAK channels have opened up doors for Mimi and her fellow “YouTubers” to pursue careers in social media that influence young kids who are involved in the latest social media apps.

“One of my favorite things about being on social media is having an idea in your head and being able to bring it to life because, through YouTube, I can turn my stories into realities,” said Mimi. “It gives me so many opportunities as well. I am so grateful to not only be able to make these videos for lots of girls to watch, but also to have the opportunity of collaborating with the other SevenSuperGirls to create amazing videos and relate to our fans through the power of social media.”

One of Mimi’s Videos