2016 Spanish National Honor SocietyInductees



Congratulations to BT’s 2016 Spanish National Honor Society inductees! These outstanding juniors and seniors were sworn in as lifelong members of the Miguel de Unamuno Chapter, after having shown high achievement not only in Spanish, but in all their studies. ¡¡Todos a una!!

Members include: Olivia Barnard, Ian Brunette (12), Erin Casey, Valentina Drake, Meredith Franchi, Maddie Heller, Nicole Imhof, Elisa Jiménez, Huiet Joseph (12), Wesley Leckie, Leonor, Maliszewski, Sam McFarland, Alyssa Mora, Elizabeth Perryman, Nick Shaw, Elizabeth Sheldon, Nolan Tanner, Ania Trichet, Patricia Wetherly, Haley Wrobel





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